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Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition

The Land’s Partner of Choice

Finding the Right Land

Finding the right piece of property for a conservation or mitigation project is complicated. A lot more goes into finding an appropriate property than locating a large parcel of land.

WES considers numerous variables when evaluating a piece of land for conservation, including:

  • water rights
  • mineral access
  • proximity to other restoration sites
  • adjacent land use
  • previous land use
  • financials
  • and more

As a result, not every parcel of land is equally suited for restoration. WES often goes through a long extensive process of recon and analysis to make sure we have a property that will be successful long term.

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Evaluating Conservation Options

At WES, we believe that the conservation of land is deeply meaningful. As you think about protecting your land, it’s helpful to have a clear sense of the long term goals for the property.

WES can help answer your questions and guide you through the process of protecting your land. Whether you are looking to sell or partner with WES, it is important that as you make decisions, you also consult with your own qualified, independent legal and financial advisors. It is also important to talk these decisions through with all family members and stakeholders.

The answers to questions like these can help WES determine the conservation options that will work best for you.

  • What is it about the land that’s important to you?
  • What are its special natural, agricultural, scenic or historic features?
  • Is it important to you to protect the whole parcel or a specific part of it?
  • How do you plan to use the land in the future?
  • Do you plan to continue owning the land?
  • Do you plan to continue living on the land?
  • Do you plan to pass the land on to someone in your family?
  • Do you need to sell all or part of the land?

Working with Land Owners

The land is at the center of all restoration, conservation, and preservation projects that WES develops. Much like The Westervelt Company, WES has embraced a long-standing tradition of “wise use” that emphasizes careful stewardship of land, forest, and water. We honor that legacy every day.

Equally as important are the partnerships we make with landowners- landowners who see the benefit of preserving a piece of land in perpetuity. WES appreciates all the landowners we have worked with to either partner with or acquire land for a project. 

If you are interested in the ecological values of your land, contact us for more information!

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Working with WES

Westervelt is a leader in conservation management, and it is a pleasure to do business with its professional and knowledgeable staff. Freshwater Land Trust and Westervelt have been partners in conservation for 15 years, beginning with Yellow Leaf Mitigation Bank in Shelby County, AL. Since our first project, we have permanently protected over 2,500 acres in Central Alabama together. We are grateful for WES's generous financial support, and we look forward to working together on future mitigation banks.


Elizabeth Sims

Land Conservation Director,

Freshwater Land Trust

"Westervelt is a wonderful partner to work with. Westervelt mixes entrepreneurial vision, biological insight, and meticulous project management to get jobs done efficiently and within budget. Few outfits are better suited to handle the complex needs of both developers and agricultural producers in a manner that also benefits the environment and its associated species."


Jacklyn Flatt

Transaction Director,

California Rangeland Trust

"We are thankful that Westervelt had the vision to see that this might be a good spot for restoration. We are excited about the future of the property and preserving the land in perpetuity. Leaving the land alone was our idea, but Westervelt had a better idea of how to improve the land and let nature take its course."

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Craig Allely

Colorado Land Owner

Successful Land Partnership with WES

Below are a few examples of successful land partnerships with WES.