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Full Delivery Mitigation Project

Full Delivery Mitigation Project

WHAT IS a Full Delivery Mitigation project?

Full delivery mitigation projects or “turnkey” projects provide compensatory mitigation to clients at a negotiated and fixed price payment structure.

Mitigation Bank Alternatives

The full delivery model ensures a project achieves contractual milestones (land acquisition, permitting, conservation easement, construction, etc.). A full delivery project covers every aspect of mitigation from land acquisition, design, permitting, construction, monitoring, maintenance, posting financial assurances, long-term site protection, and stewardship. Projects offer a tailored solution, providing flexible and creative project services customized to meet specific regulatory needs.



Our staff offers full delivery mitigation project solutions to our clients for a single development project or group of projects. These custom mitigation projects are established and implemented similarly to our formal mitigation and conservation banks, but WES tailors the project to a specific client’s needs. As a result, both the regulatory and long-term management risk of the design, construction, monitoring, and ecological success for the mitigation is transferred to WES, ensuring the protection of the resource in perpetuity and providing clients with regulatory certainty and cost savings.


Working with WES

We were extremely impressed by your presentation, report, and the GIS database, and feel very fortunate to work with such great partners. We are excited to jump into the database WES developed and start playing with all the feasibility ranking scores/weights.


Allison Mitchell

Resource Specialist

Summit County Open Space and Trails

Highlight Projects

WES has completed numerous full delivery projects across the nation that restore wetlands, stream and species habitats.