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Promoting Restoration

The Ecological Restoration Business Association (ERBA) is proud of the projects that WES and others in the industry provide to support local economies, restore America’s waters and species’ habitats, and protect coastal communities. ERBA acts as partner to resource agencies and clients, permittees with a regulatory challenge and advocates as a growing sector of the nation’s economy that will only continue to grow the right incentives and policies in place.

ERBA encourages further private sector investment and innovative solutions that make sense for our business and the communities WES serves.


Working with WES

"That’s what these companies, like WES, specialize in-going out and finding a key location where it really will make a difference in the overall floodplain. So it's not just restoring, but it’s also enhancing and going a step beyond the state that some of these systems may have been in 50 years ago."

sara Johnson

Sara Johnson

ERBA Executive Director

"WES continually strives to be a leader in our industry, through the quality of our projects, the respect we show our customers and partners, and way in which we represent our industry. We count on ERBA to help us connect with stakeholders and help to reflect and uphold the highest of standards for the industry; it is rewarding to be active members in ERBA." 

Greg DeYoung

Greg De Young

ERBA Vice President and Board Member

“Regulations that protect the environment and interpretation of those regulations have directly correlated to the efficacy and benefits we see in habitat reserves”

Matt Gause

Matt Gause

WES Director of Ecological Resources & Land Stewardship

ERBA South Pacific Division Regional Advisor

State Associations for Mitigation Bankers

Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers

Since 2008, the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers has been working hard to promote and advance an efficient and successful private compensatory wetland and conservation marketplace that supports economic development and ecological function through the restoration of wetlands and species’ habitats throughout the State of Florida. Continued regulatory changes and industry-related threats demand a need for a strong, unified voice. FAMB stands ready to promote and defend mitigation banking’s superior long-term environmental and conservation benefits.

Kelly Sands serves as Business Development Manager, Southeast Region, for Westervelt Ecological Services and the President and Board Member of FAMB.

California Environmental Restoration Business Association (Cal ERBA)

CalERBA represents a growing sector of state businesses that specialize in delivery of high impact environmental outcomes. Our members provide stream, wetland, critical habitat, flooding resiliency, and water infrastructure solutions in response to a broad range of public environmental goals. CalERBA shares a common interest in accelerating delivery of ecological restoration, advancing the story and potential of our industry, and promoting investment in the ecological restoration sector for the benefit of the public, permittees, and the environment in California.

Hal Holland, Regional Director of the Western Region for Westervelt Ecological Services and serves as the inaugural CalERBA Board President.

Federal Resource Agency Partners

WES works closely with federal regulatory agencies to get projects approved.

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