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In-Lieu-Fee Programs

In-Lieu-Fee Programs

What is an In-Lieu-Fee Program?

“In-lieu-fee” (ILF) mitigation occurs in circumstances where a permittee provides funds to an in-lieu-fee sponsor instead of either completing project-specific mitigation or purchasing credits from a mitigation bank”

– (Department of the Army, Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2000)

How can WES help with your ILF Program?

WES provides habitat planning services to state and local governments or non-profit NGO’s to help complete their off-site compensatory mitigation requirements of their ILF Program. WES has a proven track record of successfully completing mitigation projects and programs for both private and public clients.

Services WES Provides

  • Program Development & Establishment
  • Website & Ledger Development/Maintenance
  • Permitting & Planning
  • Construction Management & Restoration Implementation
  • Monitoring, Maintenance & Reporting
  • Achievement of Interim & Final Performance Standards
  • Brokering of Credits/Administrative Tasks


WES has assisted with numerous ILF programs around the country to help meet mitigation and conservation needs.