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At WES, we are dedicated to providing mitigation and conservation solutions across the United States.

Established in 2006, WES has conserved over 30,000 acres of habitat for the benefit of over 50 federally or state protected plants and animals. To reach our conservation goals, WES collaborates with private landowners, businesses, nonprofits including land trust organizations, and government entities.

Over 15 Years of Mitigation Banking

Mitigation and Conservation

Mitigation banking is critical to the future of habitat restoration. WES knows that the private sector can play a crucial role in sustainable habitat management and wetland restoration by investing private capital into our on the ground projects. The credits generated from the mitigation and conservation projects WES pursues helps the overall conservation community meet conservation and restoration goals.

What is Mitigation?

A mitigation bank is an area that has been restored, established, enhanced or preserved to offset the loss of streams, wetlands, or a listed species habitat.

A mitigation bank earns credits from the on-site restoration. The bank owner sells the credits to a client or permittee needing to offset their environmental impact. The quality and type of mitigation determine the number of credits at a bank. Generally, credits are measured based on acres, functional units, or another assessment method.

The Credits offset impacts from infrastructure ranging from a new housing development to a transportation expansion. Any infrastructure project negatively affecting protected habitat or water needs to make up for those impacts.

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WES works with various industries nationwide to provide mitigation and conservation solutions to meet state and federal permitting requirements. WES has successfully established over 28 mitigation and conservation banks that supply our clients with stream, wetland, and species credits.